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  1. Help..!!! I keep getting Unwanted Folder Openings.? | Yahoo ...

    Usually advertising. I've cleaned out my cookies, history, everything. Run CCleaner, even run adaware to try and get rid. But I am still getting auto page folders opening up on my internet browser. Can anyone help. And if you can, could you explain in idiot terms how to get rid of it. I'm a bit of an idiot with pc's.

  2. OH and when I said google i dont just mean that I mean theres browsers that I have to get to lots of sites but there are certain sites that I dont go to anymore and when you use the drop down arrow they all come up so how do I delete just the ones I wanna delete?????

  3. Help getting rid of Yontoo.c Virus!? | Yahoo Answers

    please help me NOrton keeps blocking attacks every 5 seconds from smething called Yontoo.c I'm scared heelllllpppp

  4. For some unknown reason, I keep getting the Yahoo Answer ...

    Whenever I end up browsing online with Firefox, from time to time, Yahoo Answer crops up with no warning and is not even installed on my system nor is it an add-on, I am wondering if Yahoo Answer Browser is actually a virus interfering with peoples experience online and if it is being deliberately done by those who run Yahoo.

  5. Getting rid of Yahoo | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

    Related. I can't get rid of Yahoo--search defaults to it, even though I have selected Google as the preferred search engine. I inadvertantly installed Yumrecipefinder in a heading on Firefox and would like to uninstall itt.

  6. How to stop unwanted Yahoo ADS!! HELP!? | Yahoo Answers

    How to stop unwanted Yahoo ADS!! HELP!? Follow . ... If you are using the Firefox browser, this add-on permanently removes all Yahoo mail ads (including the sponsored email at the top) and also expands your emails to always use full width of monitor scre ...

  7. Question about getting rid of unwanted ... -

    My computer has become infected with some kind of virus and I wanted to know how I could get rid of it. Basically what happens is when I turn the computer on in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen little adverts keep popping up.

  8. How Do I Get Rid Of Unwanted Pop Up ? | Yahoo Answers

    Just recently I've been getting alot of porn and other unwanted annoying pop ups. My friend (IT) suggested cc cleaner and spybot but no luck. I keep getting the same old junk. I never had so many pop ups since the AV2009 infected my computer. If you continue to encounter problems let me know and I will try to help once my friend and I try to ...

  9. Need to get rid of unwanted attention... Please Help | Yahoo ...

    Best Answer: well what i think you should do is try to talk to him even if your scared. say "look i know that you like me but i dont like you, i really hate that you bother me and you talk to me about peoples private parts and stuff but please quit following me around, obviously im not interested in you so please get something better to do!!"