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  1. You have the right to be accompanied to all job centre ...

    You have the right to be accompanied to all benefits interviews. This has been confirmed in writing many times by the DWP and by Jobcentre managers.. The DWP’s own guidance about ‘working with representatives’ from September 2015 states:

  2. The right to be accompanied to Jobcentre appointments – DPAC

    Below is a draft letter based upon DWP policy on ‘Working with representatives‘ and a DWP FOI response about being accompanied at Jobcentre appointments. If you have a health or disability related reason for needing to be accompanied at a Jobcentre, you can also add to the draft letter below something like:

  3. FAQs: the right to be accompanied - Pure Employment Law

    This right is set out in section 10 of the Employment Relations Act 1999. This may strike you as quite straightforward, but actually employers can face many difficulties with regard to the right to be accompanied, and even more surprisingly a number of Employment Tribunal cases have been raised over the years about this.

  4. Step 3: Carrying out an investigation | Acas

    In a disciplinary investigation meeting, there is no legal right to be accompanied but it’s good practice for employers to allow it. If there’s the right to be accompanied. If the employee or worker has the right to be accompanied, they must choose their companion from one of the following: a work colleague

  5. The right is triggered when an employee makes a reasonable request to be accompanied. ACAS, however, advises employers to remind employees of their right to be accompanied when issuing them with the official invitation letters to either a disciplinary or a grievance hearing.

  6. Defend the Right to be Accompanied at Job Centre Interviews

    The police then proceeded to physically push us out of the building, simply repeating the Jobcentre view that we had no right to be there. When we pointed out to the police that they were helping the DWP deny the claimant’s legal right to be accompanied, they claimed that the jobcentre was “private property”!

  7. dwp and police deny claimant’s right to be accompanied – action needed! September 2, 2016 admin Uncategorized The DWP staff at High Riggs Jobcentre in Edinburgh are up to their old tricks again in denying claimants’ their right to be accompanied to interviews.

  8. Right to be accompanied | TUC

    The right to be accompanied applies to any grievance hearing where an employee is complaining about a legal duty which their employers owes them, for example a contractual or a statutory right. The right does not apply where a worker asks for a pay rise, unless their contract provides a right to an annual increase.

  9. dwp apologise for calling police – right to be accompanied at jobcentre affirmed February 27, 2014 admin Uncategorized The DWP have apologised and admitted they were wrong to call the police to eject an Edinburgh Claimants representative from the High Riggs Job Centre at Tollcross, Edinburgh.

  10. Who can accompany you to a disciplinary meeting - Citizens Advice

    You do not have the right to be accompanied to an informal chat with your employer or to an initial fact-finding or investigatory meeting. This is a meeting where your employer tries to find out what has happened. Even though you do not have a legal right to be accompanied, you can ask your employer to let you bring someone with you but they do ...

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