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  1. pro·tec·tion



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    noun. the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm. a thing, person, or group that protects: This vaccine is a protection ...

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    Definition of protection - the action of protecting, or the state of being protected

  4. 1. Measures that are taken to keep nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards from having an adverse effect on personnel,equipment, or critical assets and facilities.

  5. Protection | Definition of Protection by Merriam-Webster

    Recent Examples on the Web. Even the constraint of Scrofano's real-life pregnancy proved a boon to the storytelling in season 2, as Wynonna gives birth to a daughter ...

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    The birch is still considered a protection against evil spirits by some people in northern Europe.

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    The negative-sequence sensing elements in the SEL-311L protection introduces a new level of fault sensing and high-speed tripping capability not available a few years ...

  8. see definition of protection noun care, guardianship Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym’s sense matches the sense you selected.

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    protection [pro-tek´shun] defense or immunity against harmful influences. abuse protection in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention ...

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    The definition of a child in child protection legislation and guidance England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland each have their own legislation and guidance on keeping children safe. England

  11. Protection is a person or thing that shields from danger, pain or discomfort, or money paid to avoid violence or prosecution.