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    Oasis definition, a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well. See more.

  3. [From Late Latin Oasis, an oasis in the Libyan desert, from Greek, name of various oases in the the Libyan Desert, from Egyptian wḥ't, oasis.]

  4. Oasis | Definition of Oasis by Merriam-Webster

    The small park is a welcome oasis amid the city's many factories. Our brief trip to the beach was a much-needed oasis in a summer of hard work.

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    In geography, an oasis (/ oʊ ˈ eɪ s ɪ s /; plural: oases / oʊ ˈ eɪ s iː z /) is an isolated area in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or similar water ...

  6. Oasis definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Oasis definition: An oasis is a small area in a desert where water and plants are found. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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    Definition of oasis - a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found, a type of rigid foam into which the stems of flowers can be secured in flower ar

  8. OASIS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    oasis definition: 1. a place in a desert where there is water and therefore plants and trees and sometimes a village or town 2. a calm, pleasant place in the middle ...

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    oasis / əʊˈeɪsɪs / n (pl-ses /-siːz /) a fertile patch in a desert occurring where the water table approaches or reaches the ground surface; a place of peace ...

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    The definition of an oasis is a fertile place where there is water in the midst of a desert or a place of calm in the midst of chaos.

  11. oasis - a fertile tract in a desert (where the water table approaches the surface) desert - arid land with little or no vegetation parcel of land , piece of ground , piece of land , tract , parcel - an extended area of land