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  1. hide·out



    • 1. a hiding place, especially one used by someone who has broken the law: "the kidnappers did not want their hideout discovered"
  2. Hideout | Definition of Hideout by Merriam-Webster

    Hideout definition is - a place of refuge, retreat, or concealment. How to use hideout in a sentence. a place of refuge, retreat, or concealment… See the full definition . SINCE 1828. Menu. JOIN MWU Gain access to thousands of additional definitions and ...

  3. hide·out (hīd′out′) n. A place of shelter or concealment. hideout (ˈhaɪdˌaʊt) n a hiding place, esp a remote place used by outlaws, etc; hideaway vb (intr ...

  4. Hideout | Definition of Hideout at

    Hideout definition, a safe place for hiding, especially from the law. See more.

  5. Hide out | Definition of Hide out at

    hideout / (ˈhaɪdˌaʊt) / noun. a hiding place, esp a remote place used by outlaws, etc; hideaway. verb hide out (intr) to remain deliberately concealed, esp for a prolonged period of time . Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digita ...

  6. Hide - definition of hide by The Free Dictionary

    Define hide. hide synonyms, hide pronunciation, hide translation, English dictionary definition of hide. v. hid , hid·den or hid , hid·ing , hides v. tr. 1. To put or keep out of sight or away from notice: hid the money in a sock. 2. To prevent the disclosure...

  7. Hideout definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Definition of 'hideout' Word Frequency. hideout (h a ɪ daʊt) Word forms: plural hideouts. countable noun. A hideout is a place where someone goes secretly because they do not want anyone to find them, for example if they are running away from the police ...

  8. HIDEOUT | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    hideout meaning: 1. a secret place where someone can go when they do not want to be found by other people 2. a secret place where someone can go when the person does not want to be found by other people: . Learn more.

  9. Hideout Synonyms, Hideout Antonyms |

    He knows I wish to get to his hideout and he is making sure that I get there. His task was to penetrate the hideout of Barter––and he was on the way there now.

  10. Urban Dictionary: Honeycomb Hideout

    a house like the crib somewhere you and yo patna's or yo gurl just hang or if you throw a party u know just somewhere theres no limits like" ayy we throwin a party at ...

  11. Urban Dictionary: hide out out

    Formerly known as "El Jefe's Hideout". Now known as "The Hideout featuring El Jefe and J Dubs". The best damn show on the radio in DC. Check it out every saturday ...