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  1. a·sy·lum



  2. Asylum | Definition of Asylum at

    Asylum definition, (especially formerly) an institution for the maintenance and care of the mentally ill, orphans, or other persons requiring specialized assistance.

  3. a·sy·lum (ə-sī′ləm) n. 1. Protection and immunity from extradition granted by a government to a political refugee from another country. 2. a. A place offering ...

  4. Asylum | Definition of Asylum by Merriam-Webster

    Asylum definition is - an inviolable place of refuge and protection giving shelter to criminals and debtors : sanctuary. How to use asylum in a sentence.

  5. asylum | Definition of asylum in English by Oxford Dictionaries

    Definition of asylum - the protection granted by a state to someone who has left their home country as a political refugee, an institution for the care o

  6. Asylum legal definition of asylum - Legal Dictionary

    Asylum. Protection granted to Aliens who cannot return to their homeland. Asylum is not to be confused with refuge, although the terms are sometimes used inter ...

  7. Asylum definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Asylum definition: If a government gives a person from another country asylum , they allow them to stay ,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  8. The truth about asylum - Refugee Council

    If the government agrees that an individual who has applied for asylum meets the definition in the Refugee Convention they will ‘recognise’ that person as a refugee and issue them with refugee status documentation. Usually refugees in the UK are given ...

  9. ASYLUM | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    asylum definition: 1. protection or safety, especially that given by a government to people who have been forced to leave their own countries for their safety or ...

  10. Right of asylum - Wikipedia

    The right of asylum (sometimes called right of political asylum, from the Ancient Greek word ἄσυλον) is an ancient juridical concept, under which a person ...

  11. Refugee - Wikipedia

    A refugee, generally speaking, is a displaced person who has been forced to cross national boundaries and who cannot return home safely (for more detail see legal ...