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  1. She underwent a full complement of testing to rule out any genetic abnormalities and, at 45 years old, gave birth to her daughter, Sage. This Pregnancy Over 40 story was found on Calgary Herald Read more: Baby can wait Originally posted on February 15, 2009

  2. Research studies have show those women often live to over 100 years old. By the way, I gave birth to my biological baby at age 45, my parents are in their 80s and healthy. ~~~~~ I had a daughter at 19 years old, and I was in labor for 18 hours. I was pregnant at 44 years old (unbeknownst to all of us), and he popped out in about 20 minutes.

  3. Offering inspiration, hope, comfort to those trying to conceive over 40. Stories of Pregnancy and Birth over 40 years old: 05/2009 - 06/2009 Collection of news stories of pregnancy and birth over 40.

  4. This Pregnancy Over 40 story was found on Read more: Urged by Her 28-Year-Old Lover, Harry Hamlin, Ursula Andress Faces Motherhood at 44 Originally posted on May 5, 1980.

  5. ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant:’ Read This Mum's Story ...

    At the hospital I was treated for pre-eclampsia (a condition that affects some pregnant women, usually in the later stages of pregnancy or soon after giving birth, which can be dangerous if undetected), which had sent my blood pressure rocketing. After a couple of hours, I was well enough to hold my baby boy, who I named Alfie. Looking at him, a rush of love flooded through me.

    • Rachel Toal
  6. Pregnant at 44 and scared - 40+ Moms | Forums | What to Expect

    We decided that the chance of me being pregnant again was so far fetched that we decided to forgo all birth control methods. Besides, our daughter Bella was such a blessing from God & a miracle, so we figured at 44, if God decides to gift us with another child, we will accept it as a blessing. I found out last week that I am about 6 weeks pregnant. Bella is only 10 months old, so I am worried ...

  7. Birth Stories – Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

    Pregnancy and birth stories are a great way to learn about situations similar or different to your own.Read stories about other parents' birth experiences.

  8. Pregnancy Stories By Age: Over 40 Birth Statistics

    In 2009, there were only 783 live births to women over 43, using donor eggs." Checking the 2015 birth stats today at the CDC and I found: Age of mother Women in their 40s -- The birth rate for women aged 40–44 was 11.0 births per 1,000 women in 2015, up 4% from 2014. The 2015 rate for this group is the highest since 1966.

  9. 20 real pregnancy stories from real women - - The Lily

    As someone who likes to research and be prepared, I found tons of info on pregnancy and birth. The aftermath? Hardly anything. Almost everything was a shock! From the ugly green and purple vaginal bruising that lasted for months after my daughter was born to going up to a bra size 34 K (legit — no exaggeration) while nursing, to the interesting phenomenon of projectile milk squirting while ...

    • The Lily News
  10. I was shocked when I found out that I was pregnant at 45 ...

    Another friend had her first child at the age of 44, and again she got pregnant on the first attempt. That’s not to say that fertility levels don’t decline with age. They do, naturally, of course.

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    related to: stories of pregnancy and birth over 44