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  1. Project: A Simple One Valve Regenerative Receiver

    Introduction. This is a simple one-valve radio for AM reception from approximately 500kHz to 1.8MHz. It should be possible to build it over a weekend and it doesn't ...

  2. Be that as it may, the "Beginner's One-Valve Set" included (with other popular BOP designs) in Gilbert Davey's first book, Fun with Radio, published in October 1957, is clearly descended from the 1948 design.

  3. One valve radio - YouTube

    This is a one valve [tube] radio that believe it or not I constructed 48 years ago. It remained lost but was discovered again during a recent house move. The valve used is a battery R.F. pentode ...

  4. Silicon Chip Online - Vintage Radio

    Fig.1: the "G. Marconi" was a basic regenerative radio receiver employing a single 3V4 valve. Its output was coupled to low-impedance headphones via an audio step-down transformer. Its output was coupled to low-impedance headphones via an audio step-down transformer.

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    • "Single Vacuum Tube Radio" with Circuit Diagam (Operates on a 12v to 25v HT/LT supply)
    • Cossor Vintage Valve Tube Radio Restoration - part one
  5. Building A One-Valve Radio Receiver This manuscript is 14 pages in length, has 4,244 words, and 30 images, mainly colour photographs. It contains full instructions for building the receiver, including how to make the aluminium chassis, and where to get the components and valve.

  6. Valve radio | Radios for Sale - Gumtree

    Find a valve radio on Gumtree, the #1 site for Radios for Sale classifieds ads in the UK.

  7. Gilbert Davey's Radio Sets - WELCOME

    This began when I found most of the parts from a simple one-valve radio set built for me by my father way back in 1957. It had been built to a design presented by Davey on a BBC children's television magazine programme called Studio ā€˜Eā€™ - a precursor to Blue Peter .

  8. Switch on subtitles for more information In electronics, a vacuum tube, electron tube (in North America), thermionic valve, tube, or valve is a device controlling electric current through a vacuum ...

  9. A Simple Radio Receiver - University of Cambridge

    The amplitude of the transmitted radio signal or carrier is modulated - made to rise and fall - by another signal of audible frequency - for example, speech or music. The receiver must extract or detect this audio signal by separating it from the carrier.

  10. CD9088 is a dedicated single-chip FM radio chip. 1 x AM FM radio kit. FM signal input circuit rod antenna C8 / C10 and L1 IC1 11, 12 feet into the mixer circuit, local oscillation circuit uses a variable capacitor CA / L2, etc. vitality can be achieved manually tune.