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    holocaust definition: The definition of a holocaust is a complete or near total destruction of life. (noun) An example of Holocaust was the mass slaughter of European ...

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    whoever wrote #9 is a neo nazi bastard. the holocaust killed millions of innocent ppl for no apparent reason, just because of the tremendous bitch hitler blamed jews ...

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    When studying the Holocaust, one can come across numerous terms in many different languages as the Holocaust affected people from all sorts of backgrounds, be it German, Jewish, Roma and so on. This glossary lists slogans, code names, names of important people, dates, slang words and more to help you understand these terms in alphabetical order.

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    Freebase (3.33 / 3 votes) Rate this definition: Holocaust. Holocaust is an American television miniseries broadcast in four parts in 1978 on the NBC television network.

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    Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, added: "The Holocaust did not start in the gas chambers but with hate-filled words.

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    Mr Hanson said: "Holocaust Memorial Day is an important opportunity for people from Delyn and across the country to reflect on the tragic events of the Holocaust.

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    What was the Holocaust? The Holocaust was a terrible time in human history. It happened leading up to and during World War II, when Germany was trying to conquer the rest of Europe.

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    Yet even in this holocaust there were degrees, gradations of sacrifice. Mirla, we know, is out of the question; it is a holocaust of fire. It is to explain that and to ask your cooperation in warding off the holocaust that I have sent for you.

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    The Holocaust is one of the most terrible events in human history. It occurred during World War II when Hitler was leader of Germany. Six million Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis.

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    The Holocaust is the most infamous genocide in history. It came close to wiping out the entire Jewish population of Europe but questions remain over who has a share in the responsibility for it.