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  1. port - Dictionary of English

    a city or town where ships load or unload. a place where ships may take refuge from storms; harbor. Nautical, Naval Termsthe left-hand side of a vessel or aircraft, facing forward:"Turn hard to port, helmsman,'' the captain ordered.

  2. Definition of Port -

    As if computer terms weren't hard enough to understand, there are three different meanings of the word "port.". 1. An Internet port. This is a number that indicates what kind of protocol a server on the Internet is using. For example, Web servers typically are listed on port 80.

  3. Port Synonyms, Port Antonyms |

    A beautiful American-built brig, was lying in port, bound to Africa, for slaves. The Foster was bound to Belfast, which port we reached without any accident. After watering we sailed again, and reached our port in due time.

  4. Urban Dictionary: ports

    In the sport of crew (rowing) port is from the perspective of the rower on the right side of the racing shell (or left hand side from the perspective of the coxswain ). Port oars are usally marked by a red marking somewhere on them. Port is usally stroke while starboard is bow.

  5. HARBOUR | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    harbour definition: 1. an area of water next to the coast, often protected from the sea by a thick wall, where ships and boats can shelter: 2. to think about or feel ...

  6. 'POSH - Port out, starboard home' - the meaning and origin of ...

    The lack of any citation of 'port out, starboard home' in any of the numerous letters and literary works that remain from the British Raj is a more convincing argument against that origin. The true origin of 'posh' is uncertain.

  7. What is PORT OF LOADING - Black's Law Dictionary

    Definition of PORT OF LOADING: A port where ships are loaded with goods, and the goods are secured on the ship.

  8. What is DisplayPort? - Definition from

    DisplayPort is an interface for digital displays, particularly computer monitors. It was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) as a high ...

  9. Port and starboard - Wikipedia

    Port and starboard are nautical and aeronautical terms for left and right, respectively. Port is the left-hand side of a vessel or aircraft, facing forward. Starboard is the right-hand side, facing forward. Since port and starboard never change, they are unambiguous references that are not relative to the observer.

  10. First port of call - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    first port of call. The first place where one stops to visit, accomplish something, or begin a process. Taken from nautical terminology, referring to the first port that a seafaring vessel calls in to at the beginning of a voyage. The president's first port of call on his re-election campaign will be his hometown.