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    • 1. an opening in the side of a ship for boarding or loading.
    • 2. a socket in a computer network into which a device can be plugged: "a communications port for optional cellular and other wireless modules"
  2. Port - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · A dry port is an inland intermodal terminal directly connected by road or rail to a seaport and operating as a centre for the transshipment of sea cargo to inland destinations. Fishing port. A fishing port is a port or harbor for landing and distributing fish. It may be a recreational facility, but it is usually commercial.

  3. Port (computer networking) - Wikipedia

    In computer networking, a port is a communication endpoint. Physical as well as wireless connections are terminated at ports of hardware devices. At the software level, within an operating system, a port is a logical construct that identifies a specific process or a type of network service.

  4. What is a Port? -

    A port may refer to any of the following: 1. When referring to a physical device , a hardware port or peripheral port is a hole... 2. In addition to the hardware port mentioned above, a hardware port or port may also refer... 3. A port is a term used to describe the process of taking a program ...

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    IPA : /port/ Proper noun . Port m. A male given name attributed to one of the Saxon invaders of Britain, apparently in an inference from Portesmūþa. Declension . This proper noun needs an inflection-table template. References “Port” on page 777/1 of the Bosworth–Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (1898)

  6. What are Deep Water Ports? - Marine Insight

    A deep water port, from its nomenclature can be suggested that is different from regular ports in respect of the depth of water. A port is usually an area or platform entered into from the sea, by vessels, boats, ships, which also allows for protected staging and anchoring or docking for these

  7. Port wine - Wikipedia

    Port wine (also known as vinho do Porto, Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌviɲuduˈpoɾtu], Porto, and usually simply port) is a Portuguese fortified wine produced with distilled grape spirits exclusively in the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal.

  8. Drinking port wine is a centuries-old tradition that is very popular today. Originally from the Douro River Valley in Portugal, port is a sweet dessert wine that is fortified with brandy during the fermentation process.

  9. What is a WAN Port? (with pictures) -

    A WAN port is the portal by which information passes back and forth between the LAN and the WAN. Most users will find a WAN port on a network router. A common home router has one WAN port and four LAN ports. Some routers refer to them as an uplink (for the WAN port) and wired connections (for LAN ports).

  10. Port and starboard - Wikipedia

    Port and starboard unambiguously refer to the left and right side of the vessel, not the observer. That is, the port side of the vessel always refers to the same portion of the vessel's structure, and does not depend on which way the observer is facing .

  11. Glossary of nautical terms - Wikipedia

    Home port The port at which a vessel is based. Often confused with the ship ' s port of registry, which is the port listed in the vessel ' s registration documents and lettered on her stern and which may differ from her home port. In the cruise ship industry, the term "home port" often is mistakenly used to refer to a ship ' s port of departure.