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  1. moth·er



    • 1. a woman in relation to her child or children: "she returned to Bristol to nurse her aging mother" synonyms female parent, materfamilias, matriarch, biological mother, birth mother, ... more
    • 2. short for motherfucker vulgar slang North American


  2. Kombucha - Wikipedia

    Kombucha (also tea mushroom, tea fungus, or Manchurian mushroom when referring to the culture; botanical name Medusomyces gisevii) is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly intended as a functional beverage for its supposed health benefits.

  3. Obstetrics - Wikipedia

    The expectant mother would invite close female friends and family members to her home to keep her company during childbirth. Skilled midwives managed all aspects of the labour and delivery. The presence of physicians and surgeons was very rare and only occurred if a serious complication had taken place and the midwife had exhausted all measures ...

  4. Theoretical Framework - Organizing Your Social Sciences ...

    A theoretical framework consists of concepts and, together with their definitions and reference to relevant scholarly literature, existing theory that is used for your particular study.

  5. Perinatal Transmission | Definition | AIDSinfo

    4 days ago · When a mother with HIV passes the virus to her infant during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or breastfeeding (through breast milk). Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs are given to women with HIV during pregnancy and to their infants after birth to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV.

  6. What is a Mother-In-Law Suite? (with pictures)

    A mother-in-law suite is some type of addition to the home or grounds that provides temporary or permanent accommodations for guests. This type of addition is referred to by this phrase since it is not unusual for elderly parents to live with married children in later years.

  7. Working Mother

    6 days ago · When one mom posted in a private Facebook group for moms that her 11-month-old needed a liver donor, moms jumped to the task. They saved her little boy’s life. This Canadian couple received a letter in the mail stating they’d need to verify the father of their newborn son because the parents

  8. The Meaning of Moonstone and How to Use It with Feng Shui

    There’s a lot you can understand about this stone by looking at it’s visual aspects. A tumbled piece of moonstone looks like a big moon in the night sky. Color and light shifts with the iridescence and there is a fluid and watery movement to the stone. The appearance is also soft and milky, like mother’s milk.

  9. maternal grandfather - Wiktionary

    4 days ago · maternal grandfather (plural maternal grandfathers) Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see maternal ,‎ grandfather . (This entry is a translation hub .)

  10. amma - Wiktionary

    6 days ago · amma (plural ammas) mother; Usage notes . Widely used in English-speaking expat communities. See also . amah; Etymology 2 . Late Latin amma, probably of interjectional or imitative origin: compare Spanish ama, German Amme, Basque ama. Noun . amma (plural ammas) An abbess or spiritual mother.

  11. Function and Role of Immune System |

    The immune system is composed of specialized cells, various proteins, tissue and organs. The immune system works to defend us against hordes of microorganisms and germs that we are exposed to every day.