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  1. fos·ter




    • 1. denoting someone that has a specified family connection through fostering rather than birth: "foster parent"
  2. fostering - Wiktionary

    The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions.

  3. Foster care - Wikipedia

    Foster care is a system in which a minor has been placed into a ward, group home (residential child care community, treatment center, etc.), or private home of a state-certified caregiver, referred to as a "foster parent" or with a family member approved by the state.

  4. David Foster - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Foster is also credited with composing "Grown-Up Christmas List" (1990). Philanthropy. Foster created the David Foster Foundation, which supports children in need of medical transplants. Foster is also an ardent supporter of Israel, raising money for their military at fundraisers as recently as 2018.

  5. What Is the Meaning of Sexually Active? | New Health Advisor

    The best way to know if you need any type of testing or not is to understand the sexually active definition completely. This means you need to know each type of sexual act with another person and if it puts you at risk for an STD or pregnancy. These sexual activities which are considered sexually active are explained as follows: Fingering/Hand Jobs

  6. Incel - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Incels (/ ˈ ɪ n s ɛ l z / IN-selz), a portmanteau of "involuntary celibates", are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom.

  7. Barrister - Wikipedia

    A barrister is a type of lawyer in common law jurisdictions.Barristers mostly specialise in courtroom advocacy and litigation.Their tasks include taking cases in superior courts and tribunals, drafting legal pleadings, researching the philosophy, hypothesis and history of law, and giving expert legal opinions.

  8. Real Estate Glossary | Long & Foster | information buzzer

    If it is your first time buying or selling a home, the process can be overwhelming. Even just learning all the related terminology can seem daunting.

  9. Yolanda (name) - Wikipedia

    Yolanda is a given name, of Greek origin, meaning Violet. The form of the name in Greek is Iolanthe.In German and Dutch the name is spelled Jolanda, in Czech and Slovak Jolantha, in Polish Jolanta, in Italian, Portuguese and Romanian Iolanda.

  10. United Nations - Wikipedia

    The earliest concrete plan for a new world organization began under the aegis of the U.S. State Department in 1939. The text of the "Declaration by United Nations" was drafted at the White House on 29 December 1941, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Roosevelt aide Harry Hopkins.

  11. Occam's razor - Wikipedia's_razor

    5 days ago · Quine, in a discussion on definition, referred to these two perspectives as "economy of practical expression" and "economy in grammar and vocabulary", respectively. Galileo Galilei lampooned the misuse of Occam's razor in his Dialogue. The principle is represented in the dialogue by Simplicio. The telling point that Galileo presented ironically ...