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  3. Absorb | Definition of Absorb at

    Absorb definition, to suck up or drink in (a liquid); soak up: A sponge absorbs water. See more.

  4. Absorb | Definition of Absorb by Merriam-Webster

    Medical Definition of absorb 1 : to take up especially by capillary, osmotic, solvent, or chemical action surgical sutures which can be absorbed by the body the blood in the lungs absorbs oxygen

  5. 3. cushion, suppress, soften, pillow, bolster, stifle, dampen, muffle, buttress, deaden footwear to absorb the impact of a hard pavement 4. consume, use, use up, spend, waste, employ, drain, exhaust, squander, utilize, expend, eat up, fritter away The campaign absorbed vast amounts of capital.

  6. ABSORB | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    absorb verb [T] (TAKE IN) B2 to take something in, especially gradually: Plants absorb carbon dioxide.

  7. Absorb dictionary definition | absorb defined

    Absorb is defined as to take in something and make it part of a larger unit. An example of absorb is a big company that takes over a smaller one. The definition of absorb means to completely have someone’s attention. An example of absorb is to be thoroughly engaged in a hobby and lose track of time.

  8. Absorb | definition of absorb by Medical dictionary

    1. to take in or assimilate, as to take up substances into or across tissues, e.g., the skin or intestine. 2. to stop particles of radiation energy so that their energy is totally transferred to the absorbing material.

  9. Absorb definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    10/08/2020 · If something absorbs a liquid, gas, or other substance, it soaks it up or takes it in. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and moisture from the soil.

  10. Absorb Synonyms, Absorb Antonyms |

    Synonyms for absorb at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for absorb.

  11. Absorbing | Definition of Absorbing by Merriam-Webster

    Absorbing definition is - fully taking one's attention : engrossing. How to use absorbing in a sentence.

  12. Absorption | definition of absorption by Medical dictionary

    3. in radiology, uptake of energy by matter with which the radiation interacts. It can vary with the mass (density) subjected to x-radiation and the penetrability of the x-rays. A thin lead plate might absorb 100 per cent of an x-ray beam, while several centimeters of tissue might attenuate it only slightly, even at low voltages.