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    For all the sports lovers out there football is one of the most favorite sports game ever. They love playing it and they love the thrill of it. Every time there is a football world cup or any great football championship going on, all the enthusiasts simply go berserk and cannot have enough of the game.

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    Biographies / sports and recreation / football (soccer) PEOPLE KNOWN ... Hungarian professional football (soccer) player who was the sport’s first international superstar. Puskás scored 83 goals in 84 games with the Hungarian national team and was a me ...

  6. Elizabethan Recreation and Sports

    Team sports gained in popularity during Elizabeth's reign. They, too, were rough and violent like the sports involving animals. Common men played football (not an ancestor of American football, despite the similarities) received its name not because the ball was kicked but because all the players went on foot.

  7. About Us | SRA - About the Sport and Recreation Alliance

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance believes that the power of sport and recreation can change lives and bring communities together. With our members and in partnership with the wider sector, we make the most of opportunities and tackle the areas that provide a challenge.

  8. Sport and Recreation

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance is the umbrella body for sport and recreation in the UK and represents 320 members. Our role, like every trade association, is to speak up on their behalf, represent their views and to provide them with services which make their life easier.

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