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  2. Sanctum | Definition of Sanctum at

    Sanctum definition, a sacred or holy place. See more.

  3. That is the time, after your Departure is taken, when the spirit of your commander communes with you in a muffled voice, as if from the sanctum sanctorum of a temple ...

  4. Sanctum definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Sanctum definition: If you refer to someone's inner sanctum , you mean a room which is private and sometimes... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  5. Sanctum | Definition of Sanctum by Merriam-Webster

    Sanctum definition is - a sacred place. How to use sanctum in a sentence.

  6. SANCTUM | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    sanctum definition: 1. a private place or room where someone is never interrupted 2. a holy place. Learn more.

  7. Sanctum dictionary definition | sanctum defined

    sanctum definition: noun pl. -·tums or -·ta 1. a sacred place 2. a study or private room where one is not to be disturbedOrigin of sanctumClassical Latin from ...

  8. Sanctum | Definition of Sanctum by Lexico

    What does sanctum mean? sanctum is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church., A private ...

  9. Definition of INNER SANCTUM - Merriam-Webster sanctum

    sanctum a sacred place. a study or private room where one is not to be disturbed.

  10. Sanctum sanctorum - Wikipedia

    The Latin phrase sanctum sanctorum is a translation of the Hebrew term Qṓḏeš HaQŏḏāšîm (Holy of Holies) which generally refers in Latin texts to the ...

  11. Unam sanctam - Wikipedia

    Some believe that this is the only dogmatic definition in the bull because the rest is based on differing "papal claims of the thirteenth century". [12] The response to Unam sanctam [ edit ]