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  1. re·treat



    • 1. (of an army) withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat: "the French retreated in disarray" synonyms: withdraw, retire, draw back, pull back, pull out, ... moreantonyms: advance, dig in


  2. retreatant - A person taking part in a retreat. anabasis, catabasis - An anabasis is a military expedition and a catabasis is the retreat of an army. ivory tower - Suggests elegant detachment in a cool, white aerie, where a poet or philosopher might retreat to think and write.

  3. Retreat | Definition of Retreat by Merriam-Webster

    Examples: retreat in a Sentence. 1 a (1) : an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable. (2) : the process of receding from a position or state attained.

  4. Retreat | Definition of Retreat at

    the forced or strategic withdrawal of an army or an armed force before an enemy, or the withdrawing of a naval force from action. the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement; seclusion. a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy: The library was his retreat. an asylum, as for the insane.

  5. RETREAT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    retreat definition: 1. to go away from a place or person in order to escape from fighting or danger: 2. to go to a quiet safe place in order to avoid a difficult situation: 3. to decide not to do something, or to stop believing something, because it causes too many problems: . Learn more.

  6. Retreat definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    If you retreat from something such as a plan or a way of life, you give it up, usually in order to do something safer or less extreme . Retreat is also a noun. It's a retreat into the adolescence they never really had. He spent yesterday hidden away in his country retreat. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

  7. RETREAT | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    retreat meaning: 1. to go away from a place or person in order to escape from fighting or danger: 2. to go to a quiet safe place in order to avoid a difficult ...

  8. Retreat - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    1. To retreat into one's mind or otherwise isolate oneself so as to avoid undesirable thoughts, situations, or interactions with people. After getting mugged I went ...

  9. retreat - Dictionary Definition :

    The noun retreat means a place you can go to be alone, to get away from it all. A spot under a shady tree might be your favorite retreat from the sun, or your bedroom in the basement may serve as a retreat from your siblings. In the military sense, the noun retreat means the withdrawal of troops.

  10. Retreat (spiritual) - Wikipedia

    Retreat (spiritual) The meaning of a spiritual retreat can be different for different religious communities. Spiritual retreats are an integral part of many Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Sufi (Islamic) communities. In Hinduism and Buddhism, meditative retreats are seen by some as an intimate way of deepening powers of concentration and insight.

  11. Managed retreat -

    Managed retreat is the controlled flooding of low-lying coastal areas. If an area is at high risk of erosion, managed retreat could be an option. It usually occurs where the land is of low value ...