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  1. re·ject


    • 1. dismiss as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one's taste: "union negotiators rejected a 1.5 percent pay increase"


    • 1. a person or thing dismissed as failing to meet standards or satisfy tastes: "some of the team's rejects have gone on to prove themselves in championships" synonyms failure, loser, incompetent, flotsam
  2. Reject | Definition of Reject at

    Reject definition, to refuse to have, take, recognize, etc.: to reject the offer of a better job. See more.

  3. Reject | Definition of Reject by Merriam-Webster

    Reject definition is - to refuse to accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use. How to use reject in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of reject.

  4. reject 1. To be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive: 2. To refuse to recognize or acknowledge:

  5. Reject definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Reject definition: If you reject something such as a proposal , a request , or an offer , you do not accept... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  6. Reject | Definition of Reject by Lexico

    ‘To the consumer this means the product is a reject in Brazil and is not fit for human consumption.’ ‘We were forced to woo younger guys or scavenge in the reject bin of the older group.’ ‘This plutonium is a reject load being returned to British Nuclear Fuels by Japan.’

  7. Reject | definition of reject by Medical dictionary

    "I could reject your offer based on the fact that you must be totally and insultingly ignorant of my work as a poet, which strives to stand against all that you and your client represent.

  8. REJECT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    reject definition: 1. to refuse to accept, use, or believe something or someone: 2. to not give someone the love and…. Learn more.

  9. Rejected | Definition of Rejected at

    Rejected definition, to refuse to have, take, recognize, etc.: to reject the offer of a better job. See more.

  10. Reject Synonyms, Reject Antonyms |

    Synonyms for reject at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for reject.

  11. Define rejection. rejection synonyms, rejection pronunciation, rejection translation, English dictionary definition of rejection. tr.v. re·ject·ed , re·ject·ing , re·jects 1. a. To refuse to accept, submit to, believe, or make use of: He rejected their version of what happened.