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    • 1. a concrete, stone, or metal platform lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships.
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    [kee, key, kwey] See more synonyms for quay on noun. a landing place, especially one of solid masonry, constructed along the edge of a body of water; wharf.

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    Define quay. quay synonyms, quay pronunciation, quay translation, English dictionary definition of quay. n. A wharf or reinforced bank for the loading or unloading of ships or boats. n a wharf, typically one built parallel to the shoreline. Compare pier1 , n.

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    Definition of quay for English Language Learners. : a structure built on the land next to a river, lake, or ocean that is used as a place for boats to stop for loading and unloading freight and passengers.

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    Meaning of “quay” in the English Dictionary. "quay" in English. "quay" in American English. "quay" in Business English. › TRANSPORT a long structure, usually built of stone, where boats can be tied up to take on and off their goods: The dock area was full of dilapidated warehouses and quays.

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    Definition of 'quay'. quay. A quay is a long platform beside the sea or a river where boats can be tied up and loaded or unloaded. Jack and Stephen were waiting for them on the quay.

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    Quay is a shortened version of a longer name. This person is short , very beautful on the inside and out. Very lovable! Attracts many gays but isnt at all gay.

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    Overview. In some contexts wharf and quay may be used to mean pier, berth, or jetty. In old ports such as London (which once had around 1700 wharves) many old wharves have been converted to residential or office use.

  11. What is the Difference Between a Port, Quay, Pier and Wharf?

    What is the Difference Between a Port, Quay, Pier and Wharf? These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are differences between each which it is useful to remember. A Port is generally a description of a place on the coast which has facilities for boats or ships to call into, and usually a village or town attached.