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  1. Urban Dictionary: old lady lady

    a slang term for girlfriend or someone you are interested in.

  2. old la·dy

    /ōld ˈlādē/


    • 1. an elderly woman. informal
  3. Old Lady | Definition of Old Lady by Merriam-Webster lady

    Old lady definition is - wife. How to use old lady in a sentence.

  4. Define old lady. old lady synonyms, old lady pronunciation, old lady translation, English dictionary definition of old lady. n. Slang 1. One's mother. 2. One's wife or girlfriend. n 1. an informal term for mother1, wife1 2. a large noctuid moth, Mormo mau ...

  5. Old lady | Definition of Old lady at

    Old lady definition, a mother, usually one's own. See more.

  6. Old | Definition of Old at

    Old definition, far advanced in the years of one's or its life: an old man; an old horse; an old tree. See more.

  7. Old lady definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    That old lady thought the space was hers, but you took it. Times, Sunday Times (2016) And on a bench an older lady tries to ignore him - until he wins her by pulling silly faces. The Sun (2016) I saw one of them speak to an old lady who accidentally dropped a receipt as she came out of a shop. Times, Sunday Times (2016) Maybe it is because I am ...

  8. Lady - Wikipedia

    "Lady" has a formal and respectful quality, being used to describe a woman in old age such as "an old lady" or when speaking about a woman to a child (e.g. "Give the money to the lady.") It is used in the description of the female equivalent of a postman as a post lady. It is also used in such terms as "tea lady" and "sandwich lady" in office ...

  9. Urban Dictionary: The Old Lady Old Lady

    A derogatory term to refer to one's own wife. Get a The Old Lady mug for your cousin Beatrix.

  10. Lady - definition of lady by The Free Dictionary

    Define lady. lady synonyms, lady pronunciation, lady translation, English dictionary definition of lady. ) n. pl. la·dies 1. A woman of high social standing or refinement, especially when viewed as dignified or well-mannered. 2. A woman who is the head o ...

  11. Old lady definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Old lady definition: Some men refer to their wife , girlfriend , or mother as their old lady . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples