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    • 1. the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something: "the nurture of ethics and integrity" synonyms: encouragement, promotion, fostering, development, cultivation, ... more
  2. Nurture | Definition of Nurture by Merriam-Webster

    Did You Know? Verb. It's no coincidence that nurture is a synonym of nourish-both are derived from the Latin verb nutrire, meaning "to suckle" or "to nourish."

  3. Nurture | Definition of Nurture at

    The literary world he helped found and nurture, and whose landscape he bestrode like the colossus he was—that world is gone.

  4. nur·ture (nûr′chər) n. 1. a. The action of raising or caring for offspring: the nurture of an infant. b. Biology The sum of environmental influences and ...

  5. Nurture definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Nurture definition: If you nurture something such as a young child or a young plant, you care for it while it... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  6. Nurture | Definition of Nurture by Lexico

    What does nurture mean? nurture is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing.

  7. NURTURE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    nurture definition: 1. to take care of, feed, and protect someone or something, especially young children or plants…. Learn more.

  8. Nurturing | Definition of Nurturing at

    Nurturing definition, to feed and protect: to nurture one's offspring. See more.

  9. Nature Nurture in Psychology | Simply Psychology

    Nature vs. Nurture in Psychology By Saul McLeod , updated 2018 The nature versus nurture debate involves the extent to which particular aspects of behavior are a product of either inherited (i.e., genetic) or acquired (i.e., learned) influences.

  10. Nature vs. Nurture: Genes or Environment?

    Nurture refers to all the environmental variables that impact who we are, including our early childhood experiences, how we were raised, our social relationships, and our surrounding culture. Even today, different branches of psychology often take a one versus the other approach.

  11. Nature versus nurture - Wikipedia

    The nature versus nurture debate involves whether human behavior is determined by the environment, either prenatal or during a person's life, or by a person's genes.