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  1. moth·er



    • 1. a woman in relation to her child or children: "she returned to Bristol to nurse her aging mother" synonyms female parent, materfamilias, matriarch, biological mother, birth mother, ... more
    • 2. short for motherfucker vulgar slang North American


  2. Mother | Definition of Mother by Merriam-Webster

    Mother definition is - a female parent. How to use mother in a sentence. a female parent; a woman in authority; specifically : the superior of a religious community of women; an old or elderly woman…

  3. Mother | Definition of Mother at

    a term of address for a female parent or a woman having or regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent. a term of familiar address for an old or elderly woman. mother superior. a woman exercising control, influence, or authority like that of a mother: to be a mother to someone.

  4. Define mother. mother synonyms, mother pronunciation, mother translation, English dictionary definition of mother. n. 1. a. A woman who gives birth to a child. b. A woman whose egg unites with a sperm, producing an embryo. c. A woman who adopts a child. d.

  5. MOTHER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    mother definition: 1. a female parent: 2. the title of a woman who is in charge of, or who has a high rank within, a…. Learn more.

  6. Mother definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    1. countable noun. Your mother is the woman who gave birth to you. You can also call someone your mother if she brings you up as if she was this woman. You can call your mother 'Mother'. She sat on the edge of her mother's bed. She's an English teacher and a mother of two children.

  7. Mother | Definition of Mother by Lexico

    What does mother mean? mother is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A woman in relation to her child or children.

  8. Urban Dictionary: Mother

    The only woman in the world who will still cradle you in her arms even if you've stabbed her loving heart each time you've hung up her calls, thrown away her delicious food just because your friends thought Subway was cool; got a red-ink stained progress report; told her to go away in the presence of your apparently 'cool' friends, ignored her for telling you to do your school work before play ...

  9. Mother - Wikipedia

    A mother is the female parent of a child. Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring.

  10. Urban Dictionary: Mom

    Top definition. mom. The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else. Just telling her your problems makes you feel better because mom's always know how to make it all go away.

  11. The Meaning of Being a Mother |

    A mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children. The meaning of being a mother is virtually endless. A mother is a protector, disciplinarian and friend.