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    • 1. present (a complaint, appeal, claim, etc.) formally to the proper authorities: "he has 28 days in which to lodge an appeal" synonyms: submit, register, enter, put forward, place, ... more
    • 2. make or become firmly fixed or embedded in a particular place: "they had to remove a bullet lodged near his spine" synonyms: become fixed, embed itself, become embedded, become implanted, get/become stuck, ... more
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    [loj] See more synonyms for lodge on noun. a small, makeshift or crude shelter or habitation, as of boughs, poles, skins, earth, or rough boards; cabin or hut. a house used as a temporary residence, as in the hunting season. a summer cottage.

  3. 2. a house used as a temporary residence, as in the hunting season. 3. a house or cottage, as in a park or on an estate, occupied by a gatekeeper, caretaker, gardener, or other employee. 4. a resort hotel, motel, or inn. 5. the main building of a camp, resort hotel, or the like.

  4. Lodge definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Definition of 'lodge'. lodge. A lodge is a house or hut in the country or in the mountains where people stay on holiday, especially when they want to shoot or fish. ...a Victorian hunting lodge. ...a ski lodge. A lodge is a small house at the entrance to the grounds of a large house. I drove out of the gates, past the keeper's lodge.

  5. Lodge | Definition of Lodge by Merriam-Webster

    Kids Definition of lodge (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a house set apart for residence in a special season or by an employee on an estate a hunting lodge the caretaker's lodge

  6. LODGE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    lodge definition: 1. to make an official complaint about something: 2. to (cause to) become stuck in a place or position: 3. to put something in a safe place: .

  7. lodge - Dictionary of English

    lodge /lɑdʒ/USA pronunciation n., v., lodged, lodg•ing. n. [countable] a house or cabin, esp. one used as a temporary residence by hunters, skiers, hikers, or campers. a resort hotel, motel, or inn:a fancy lodge near the sea. the meeting place of a branch of certain fraternal organizations:the Elks Club lodge.

  8. Lodge legal definition of lodge - Legal Dictionary

    lodge(Bring a complaint), verb accuse, bring a case, bring a suit, bring accusation, bring an action against, bring charges against, bring proceedings against, bring ...

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    If you are a lodge then you do not hang out with your friends because you decide to do something else/hang out with other friends.

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    Jump to navigation Jump to search. Lodge is originally a term for a relatively small building, often associated with a larger one.

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    A lodge card is one of three different types of payment mechanisms used to pay for corporate travel via a TMC. It’s a credit card which is specifically designed for ...