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  1. hold



    • 1. grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands: "she was holding a brown leather suitcase" synonyms clasp, hold onto, clutch, grasp, grip, ... moreantonyms release, let go of
    • 2. keep or detain (someone): "the police were holding him on a murder charge" synonyms detain, hold in custody, imprison, lock up, shut up, ... moreantonyms let go


  2. Hold - definition of hold by The Free Dictionary

    hold 1 1. To postpone or delay. 2. To keep in a position or state from an earlier period of time. 3. To continue a term of office past the usual length of time. 4. To prolong the engagement of: The film was held over for weeks.

  3. Hold | Definition of Hold by Merriam-Webster

    Hold definition is - to have possession or ownership of or have at one's disposal. How to use hold in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of hold.

  4. HOLD | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    hold definition: 1. to take and keep something in your hand or arms: 2. to support something: 3. to press your…. Learn more.

  5. Hold | Definition of Hold at

    Hold definition, to have or keep in the hand; keep fast; grasp: She held the purse in her right hand. He held the child's hand in his. See more.

  6. Hold Definition - Investopedia

    07/06/2019 · A hold is an analyst's call on a stock and distinct from the buy-and-hold strategy, where an equity security is purchased with the understanding that it will be held for the long term.

  7. Define hold in. hold in synonyms, hold in pronunciation, hold in translation, English dictionary definition of hold in. vb 1. to curb, control, or keep in check 2. to conceal or restrain Verb 1. hold in - close in; darkness enclosed him" enclose, confine contain, bear, carry,...

  8. On hold definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    On hold definition: If you put something on hold , you decide not to do it, deal with it, or change it now ,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  9. HOLD BACK | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    — phrasal verb with hold uk ​ /həʊld/ us ​ /hoʊld/ verb held, held. › to not do something, often because of fear or because you do not want to make a bad situation worse: He held back, terrified of going into the dark room. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words. Avoiding action. abrogate. abrogation. avoid.

  10. To be capable of holding: a a See Synonyms at contain. To have as a chief characteristic or quality: surprises. To withstand the efforts or advance of (an opposing team, for example). To maintain in a given condition, situation, or action: storyteller spellbound. To reserve or keep from use: on hamburger.

  11. Hold On | Definition of Hold On by Merriam-Webster on

    Definition of hold on. intransitive verb. 1 a : to maintain a condition or position : persist. b : to maintain a grasp on something : hang on. 2 : to await something (such as a telephone connection) desired or requested; broadly : wait. — hold on to. : to maintain possession of or adherence to. See hold on defined for kids.