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    • 1. denoting someone that has a specified family connection through fostering rather than birth: "foster parent"
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    During August and September, UNICEF had helped 700 children find a parent or extended family or placed a child in foster care.

  3. Foster | Definition of Foster by Merriam-Webster

    Foster definition is - affording, receiving, or sharing nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal ties. How to use foster in a sentence.

  4. 6. (in combination) of or involved in the rearing of a child by persons other than his natural or adopted parents: foster home.

  5. FOSTER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    foster definition: 1. to take care of a child, usually for a limited time, without being the child's legal parent: 2. to encourage the development or growth of ideas ...

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    If you foster a child, you take him or her into your family as a foster child.

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    Is It “With Regard” Or “With Regards”? Recently a couple of readers wrote to with an issue they had with one of our slideshows from a few years ...

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    The Foster was bound to Belfast, which port we reached without any accident. “We'll go over to Mr. Foster's as soon as it is dark,” said Mrs. Dare.

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    Foster care definition is - a situation in which for a period of time a child lives with and is cared for by people who are not the child's parents. How to use foster ...

  10. – What is Foster Care? Fostering is a way of providing a stable family life for children and young people, who are unable to live with their parents at a point in time. This allows children the chance to thrive in a safe, secure, loving and caring home environment with foster carers.

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    This means their parents or usual foster carers can have a break. Remand When young people are remanded by a court to be looked after by a specially-trained foster carer.