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    • 1. occupy, attract, or involve (someone's interest or attention): "he plowed on, trying to outline his plans and engage Sutton's attention" synonyms: capture, catch, arrest, grab, seize, ... moreantonyms: lose
    • 2. participate or become involved in: "organizations engage in a variety of activities" synonyms: participate in, take part in, join in, become involved in, go in for, ... more
  2. Define engage. engage synonyms, engage pronunciation, engage translation, English dictionary definition of engage. v. en·gaged , en·gag·ing , en·gag·es v. tr. 1. To obtain or contract for the services of; employ: engage a carpenter. 2. To arrange for the use of; reserve:...

  3. Engage | Definition of Engage by Merriam-Webster

    Definition of engage. engaged; engaging. transitive verb. 1. : to offer (something, such as one's life or word) as backing to a cause or aim : to expose to risk for the attainment or support of some end. engaged his all in the king's cause.

  4. Engage | Definition of Engage at

    to occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons): He engaged her in conversation. to secure for aid, employment, use, etc.; hire: to engage a worker; to engage a room. to attract and hold fast: The novel engaged her attention and interest. to attract or please: His good nature engages everyone.

  5. ENGAGE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    engage definition: 1. to employ someone: 2. to interest someone in something and keep them thinking about it: 3. to become involved, or have contact, with someone or something: . Learn more.

  6. Engage definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Definition of 'engage'. engage. If you engage in an activity, you do it or are actively involved with it. It is important for children to have time to engage in family activities. You can engage in croquet on the south lawn. If something engages you or your attention or interest, it keeps you interested in it and thinking about it.

  7. Engage legal definition of engage - Legal Dictionary

    Engage. To or in something. To be engaged in something, such as a type of employment, implies a continuity of action. It is used in reference to an occupation or anything in which an individual habitually participates. A person can also be engaged to do a particular activity by contract or other agreement.

  8. Engage Synonyms, Engage Antonyms |

    I offered to engage not to marry at all, if that condition may be accepted. Your aunt has been forced to engage not to interfere but by your father's direction.

  9. Engaged | Definition of Engaged by Merriam-Webster

    Recent Examples on the Web. The former Bachelor winner has been dating country singer Chris Lane since last fall, and over the weekend, the two became engaged.

  10. What is Employee Engagement - Engage for Success

    Employee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give of their best each day, committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

  11. Employee engagement - Wikipedia

    Employee Engagement is a fundamental concept in the effort to understand and describe, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the nature of the relationship between an organization and its employees.