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  1. drop



    • 1. let or make (something) fall vertically: "the fire was caused by someone dropping a lighted cigarette" synonyms let fall, let go (of), fail to hold, lose one's grip on, release, ... moreantonyms hold onto, lift, pick up
    • 2. fall vertically: "the spoon dropped with a clatter from her hand" synonyms drip, fall in drops, fall, dribble, trickle, ... moreantonyms rise


  2. Drop | Definition of Drop at

    Drop definition, a small quantity of liquid that falls or is produced in a more or less spherical mass; a liquid globule. See more.

  3. Drop - definition of drop by The Free Dictionary

    Define drop. drop synonyms, drop pronunciation, drop translation, English dictionary definition of drop. n. 1. a. A small amount of a liquid, drawn into a roughly spherical mass by surface tension. b. The quantity of liquid contained in such a mass, espec ...

  4. Drop | Definition of Drop by Merriam-Webster

    Drop definition is - the quantity of fluid that falls in one spherical mass. How to use drop in a sentence.

  5. Drop-in | Definition of Drop-in by Merriam-Webster

    Drop-in definition is - a casual visit or brief stop. How to use drop-in in a sentence.

  6. Drop shipping - Wikipedia

    Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

  7. Excel drop-down list – how to create, edit and remove data ...

    Excel drop-down list, aka drop down box or combo box, is used to enter data in a spreadsheet from a pre-defined items list. The main purpose of using drop down lists in Excel is to limit the number of choices available for the user. Apart from that, a dropdown prevents spelling mistakes and makes data input faster.

  8. Urban Dictionary: drop

    v. 1. To knock someone over, usually associated with the first hit in a fight. 2. To spend (generally a lot of) money; to buy something. 3. To release an album. n. 1.

  9. Urban Dictionary: The Drop Drop

    When the music drops, the beat starts kicking in, the song hits the point when it can shoot a shiver down your spine

  10. Drop-down List in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial

    Drop-down lists in Excel are helpful if you want to be sure that users select an item from a list, instead of typing their own values. Create a Drop-down List. To create a drop-down list in Excel, execute the following steps. 1. On the second sheet, type the items you want to appear in the drop-down list.

  11. Define | Definition of Define at

    Define definition, to state or set forth the meaning of (a word, phrase, etc.): They disagreed on how to define “liberal.” See more.