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  1. cod·dle



    • 1. treat in an indulgent or overprotective way: "I was coddled and cosseted"
    • 2. cook (an egg) in water below boiling point: "you may have your eggs scrambled, poached, coddled, or boiled"
  2. Coddle | Definition of Coddle at

    Coddle definition, to treat tenderly; nurse or tend indulgently; pamper: to coddle children when they're sick. See more.

  3. Coddle | Definition of Coddle by Merriam-Webster

    Coddle definition is - to cook (something, such as eggs) in liquid slowly and gently just below the boiling point. How to use coddle in a sentence.

  4. Define coddle. coddle synonyms, coddle pronunciation, coddle translation, English dictionary definition of coddle. treat tenderly; pamper; indulge; baby Not to be confused with: cuddle – hug affectionately; to lie close and snug; embrace tr.v. cod·dled , cod·dling ,...

  5. Coddle definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Definition of 'coddle'. Distributives are determiners that are used to talk about how something is shared out or divided. The distributives are each, every, either, and neither. They are used with a singular noun. Each chi...

  6. CODDLE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    Examples for 'coddle'. By making a product cute, the nucleus accumbens in the human brain is targeted and elicits a protective or coddling response, which encourages an individual to acquire (purchase) said item.

  7. Coddle - Wikipedia

    Coddle (sometimes Dublin coddle; Irish: cadal) is an Irish dish which is often made to use up leftovers, and therefore without a specific recipe. However, it most commonly consists of layers of roughly sliced sausages ( pork sausages ) and rashers (thinly sliced, somewhat-fatty back bacon ) with chunky potatoes , sliced onion , salt, pepper, and herbs (parsley or chives).

  8. coddle - Dictionary Definition :

    Coddle is an old word. Originally, it meant to cook gently in water that is near boiling, as in coddling an egg. Originally, it meant to cook gently in water that is near boiling, as in coddling an egg.

  9. coddle - cook in nearly boiling water; "coddle eggs". cookery, cooking, preparation - the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a great art"; "people are needed who have experience in cookery"; "he left the preparation of meals to his wife".

  10. Mollycoddle | Definition of Mollycoddle by Merriam-Webster

    Definition of mollycoddle for English Language Learners. : to treat (someone) with more kindness and attention than is appropriate : to treat (someone) too nicely or gently.

  11. Caudal | Definition of Caudal at

    Caudal definition, of, at, or near the tail or the posterior end of the body. See more.