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    • 1. appoint to membership of a committee or other body by invitation of the existing members: "the committee may co-opt additional members for special purposes"
  2. Define co-opt. co-opt synonyms, co-opt pronunciation, co-opt translation, English dictionary definition of co-opt. tr.v. co-opt·ed , co-opt·ing , co-opts 1. To elect as a fellow member of a group. 2. To appoint summarily. 3. To take or assume for one's ...

  3. CO-OPT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    co-opt definition: 1. (of an elected group) to make someone a member through the choice of the present members: 2. to…. Learn more.

  4. Co-opt | Definition of Co-opt by Merriam-Webster

    Co-opt definition is - to choose or elect as a member. How to use co-opt in a sentence.

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    Co-opt definition, to elect into a body by the votes of the existing members. See more.

  6. co-opt - "To select (someone) for a group or club by a vote of members," it is from Latin cooptare, "to choose as a colleague or member of one's tribe"; its sense of "take over" came by 1953.

  7. Co-option - Wikipedia

    Co-option (also co-optation, sometimes spelled coöption or coöptation) has two common meanings.It may refer to the process of adding members to an elite group at the discretion of members of the body, usually to manage opposition and so maintain the stability of the group.

  8. Co-opt dictionary definition | co-opt defined

    co-opt definition: The definition of co-opt means to take something, especially some kind of power, that wasn't originally yours or that wasn't originally supposed to go to you.

  9. Co-opt definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Co-opt definition: If you co-opt someone, you persuade them to help or support you. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  10. Co-opt Synonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

    5 synonyms of co-opt from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 14 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for co-opt.

  11. Co-Opt | Definition of Co-Opt by Lexico

    ‘The Sub-Committees will co-opt members as required and in this regard will also welcome people who wish to come forward and offer their services.’ ‘If that does not happen, councillors may co-opt a new member.’ ‘A majority of the councillors then agreed to co-opt her as a member and, before last night, she had been to three meetings.’