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    • 1. a small stream: "the Lake District boasts lovely lakes and babbling brooks"
  2. Define brook. brook synonyms, brook pronunciation, brook translation, English dictionary definition of brook. n. Chiefly Northeastern US See creek. See Note at run ...

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    Brook definition, a small, natural stream of fresh water. See more.

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    Brook definition is - creek. How to use brook in a sentence. Noun. there are tiny fish and frogs in that brook. Verb. I will not brook insults from my own employees.

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    brook definition: 1. a small stream: 2. to not allow or accept something, especially a difference of opinion or…. Learn more.

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    Brook definition: A brook is a small stream. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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    ‘All is spread out in a picturesque wooded glen with a brook flowing serenely nearby.’ ‘From a fern-fringed pool at the bottom of the waterfall, the brook resumed its winding course toward the Housatonic.’ ‘The birds sang sweetly, the streams and brooks of Wooden Way gurgled cheerfully.’

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    A brook is a small stream. On a hot day, you might enjoy wading in a babbling brook. As a verb, brook is a rather stuffy word for "put up with." The lord of the manor might say, "I will brook no trespassing on my land."

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    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Nature brook brook 1 / brʊk / noun [countable] DN a small stream a babbling brook Examples from the Corpus brook • The real price though, has been paid by the wildlife which once lived in Cannop brook. • They dwelt in brooks and springs and fountains.

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    Synonyms for brook at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for brook.

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    A brook is a small river or natural stream of fresh water. It may also refer to: People. Brook (surname) Brook Mahealani Lee (born 1971), former Miss USA and ...