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  1. an·chor·age



    • 1. an area that is suitable for a ship to anchor in.
    • 2. an anchorite's dwelling place.
  2. Anchorage | Definition of Anchorage at

    that portion of a harbor or area outside a harbor suitable for anchoring or in which ships are permitted to anchor. a charge for occupying such an area. the act of anchoring or the state of being anchored. that to which anything is fastened. a means of anchoring or making fast. something that can be relied on: The Bible is her anchorage.

  3. Anchorage | Definition of Anchorage by Merriam-Webster

    Definition of anchorage. 1 a : a place where vessels anchor : a place suitable for anchoring. b : the act of anchoring : the condition of being anchored. 2. : a means of securing : a source of reassurance. this anchorage of Christian hope. —T. O. Wedel.

  4. Define anchorage. anchorage synonyms, anchorage pronunciation, anchorage translation, English dictionary definition of anchorage. A city of southern Alaska on Cook Inlet south-southwest of Fairbanks. Founded in 1915 as construction headquarters for the Alaska Railroad, it is the...

  5. Anchorage definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Anchorage definition: An anchorage is a place where a boat can anchor safely. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  6. ANCHORAGE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    anchorage noun [ C or U ] uk ​ /ˈæŋ.kər.ɪdʒ/ us ​ /ˈæŋ.kɚ.ɪdʒ/. › a place where a boat is or can be anchored: The bay is well known as a safe anchorage. › a place where something is fastened firmly:

  7. Anchorage dictionary definition | anchorage defined

    anchorage definition: 1. money charged for the right to anchor, as in a port 2. an anchoring or being anchored 3. a place to anchor 4. something that can be firmly held on to or relied on...

  8. 4. A means of securing or stabilizing: The central bank was the anchorage of the financial community.

  9. Media Studies AS: Anchorage - Blogger

    Anchorage is when a piece of media uses another piece of media to reduce the amount of connotations in the first, therefore allowing the audience to interpret it much more easily. For instance, in a newspaper, pictures are accompanied by a caption that allows us to understand what the picture is showing us.

  10. GCSE Media Studies Key Terms - Mediaknowall

    Anchorage Fixing of meaning eg the copy text anchors (ie fixes to one spot) the meaning of an image (for instance, a single rose, that could be used for an ad for anything from a dating agency to a funeral home) in a print advertisement

  11. Anchorage, Alaska - Wikipedia,_Alaska

    Anchorage (officially called the Municipality of Anchorage; Dena'ina: Dgheyaytnu) is a unified home rule municipality in the U.S. state of Alaska, located in the West ...