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  1. ac·com·mo·date



    • 1. (of physical space, especially a building) provide lodging or sufficient space for: "the cabins accommodate up to 6 people" synonyms: lodge, house, put up, billet, quarter, ... more
    • 2. fit in with the wishes or needs of: "any language must accommodate new concepts" synonyms: help, fit in with, allow for, assist, aid, ... moreantonyms: hinder
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    verb (used with object), ac·com·mo·dat·ed, ac·com·mo·dat·ing. to do a kindness or a favor to; oblige: to accommodate a friend by helping him move to a new apartment. to provide suitably; supply (usually followed by with): The officials were accommodated with seats toward the front of the room.

  3. Definition of ACCOMMODATE - Dictionary by Merriam-Webster ...

    Accommodate definition is - to provide with something desired, needed, or suited. How to use accommodate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of accommodate.

  4. To have enough space for: a to accommodate See Synonyms at contain. To do a favor or service for; oblige. See Synonyms at oblige. To provide for; supply with something needed: accommodated expedition supplies. To make suitable; adapt or adjust: accommodated to surroundings. See Synonyms at adapt.

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    accommodate definition: 1. to provide with a place to live or to be stored in: 2. to give what is needed to someone: 3. to change yourself or your behaviour to suit ...

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    Definition of 'accommodate'. accommodate. If a building or space can accommodate someone or something, it has enough room for them. The school in Poldown was not big enough to accommodate all the children. Floors are flat where possible and doors and corridors can accommodate wheelchairs.

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    accommodate may suggest yielding or compromising to effect a correspondence. accommodated his political beliefs in order to win conform applies to bringing into accordance with a pattern, example, or principle.

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  9. Define Accomodate. Accomodate synonyms, Accomodate pronunciation, Accomodate translation, English dictionary definition of Accomodate. n. 1. The act of accommodating or the state of being accommodated; adjustment. 2. Something that meets a need; a convenience. 3. accommodations a.

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    The other room is easily large enough to accommodate two girls. But your eye and your ear will accommodate themselves to both. "It is small, but it will accommodate ...

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    To accommodate more guests, you could opt for spending less per head on the receptions.