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  2. Absorb | Definition of Absorb at

    verb (used with object) to suck up or drink in (a liquid); soak up: A sponge absorbs water. to swallow up the identity or individuality of; incorporate: The empire absorbed many small nations. to involve the full attention of; to engross or engage wholly: so absorbed in a book that he did not hear the bell.

  3. 7. to pay for as part of a commercial transaction: the distributor absorbed the cost of transport. 8. (Chemistry) chem to cause to undergo a process in which one substance, usually a liquid or gas, permeates into or is dissolved by a liquid or solid: porous solids absorb water; hydrochloric acid absorbs carbon dioxide.

  4. Absorb | Definition of Absorb by Merriam-Webster

    Definition of absorb. absorbed; absorbing; absorbs. transitive verb. 1 a. : to take in (something, such as water) in a natural or gradual way. a sponge absorbs water. charcoal absorbs gas. plant roots absorb water.

  5. Absorb definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Definition of 'absorb'. absorb. If something absorbs a liquid, gas, or other substance, it soaks it up or takes it in. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and moisture from the soil. Refined sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. If something absorbs light, heat, or another form of energy, it takes it in.

  6. Definition of absorb - Take in or soak up (energy or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action., Take up the attention of

  7. ABSORB | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    absorb definition: 1. to take something in, especially gradually: 2. to reduce the effect of a physical force, shock, or change: 3. to understand facts or ideas completely and remember them: . Learn more.

  8. Absorption | definition of absorption by Medical dictionary

    radiation absorption the dissipation of radiant energy as it passes through matter. This phenomenon is of particular importance in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology, which depends on the interaction between ionizing radiations and matter.

  9. Absorb Synonyms, Absorb Antonyms |

    These absorb the nourishment and turn it over to the embryo. He watched Pederson absorb that, too; he saw the excitement grow. Do not work on an empty stomach-you can then absorb lead easily.

  10. Absorption (chemistry) - Wikipedia

    IUPAC definition. Absorption: The process of one material (absorbate) being retained by another (absorbent); this may be the physical solution of a gas, liquid, or solid in a liquid, attachment of molecules of a gas, vapour, liquid, or dissolved substance to a solid surface by physical forces, etc.

  11. Absorption | Definition of Absorption at

    the act of absorbing. the state or process of being absorbed. assimilation; incorporation: the absorption of small farms into one big one. uptake of substances by a tissue, as of nutrients through the wall of the intestine. a taking in or reception by molecular or chemical action, as of gases or liquids.