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  1. On your computer, open BlackBerry Link. 2. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. 3. At the side of the BlackBerry Link window, click your device. 4. • On a Windows computer, click Back Up & Restore. Click Factory Reset. • On a Mac computer, click BlackBerry Link > Preferences.

  2. Jun 8, 2022 · Press and hold down the Power button, Volume UP and Volume DOWN buttons all at the same time. When the device starts booting, you can release the buttons. Try the Screen Reader for BBID again. Some devices need this (Power button, Vol - button, Vol + button) done a few times before the Screen Reader speaks about BBID.

  3. Sep 25, 2020 · Step 1: Open the Settings app and then navigate to System > Apps & features. Step 2: Look for Calculator app entry. Click on Calculator app entry to see the Advanced options link. Click the Advanced options link. Step 3: This will open Storage usage and app reset page. Click the Reset button.

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    • Causes of Windows 10 Calculator Not Working
    • How to Fix Windows 10 Calculator Missing

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    When you want to perform some quick calculations, but the Windows 10 calculator won't open, opens and then immediately closes, or crashes soon after you start using it, you could pull out your phone or rifle through your desk to find another calculator. However, finding out why the Windows 10 calculator went missing and getting it to work again will save you from similar headaches in the future.

    Windows 10 calculator being missing or crashing might be caused by a handful of issues. It could be the result of settings messed up by a recent update. System files that are corrupt or missing might make the calculator glitch. Even something as simple as using the wrong account to log in to the computer could be the culprit.

    Troubleshooting the most common causes of a non-working calculator by using some built-in tools, changing some settings, and perhaps reinstalling some files are your best bet to get it up and running again the way that it should.

    1.Run the calculator as an administrator. If the settings for the calculator app are problematic, opening it this way could resolve the issue. If not, continue troubleshooting.

    2.Log in to the computer as a different user. If you only have one account set up in Windows, create an additional one, and use the calculator after logging in to the second account.

    3.Run the Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter. Using this tool is especially helpful if the calculator worked in an alternate Windows 10 user account. If the original account settings are corrupt or other issues exist, the troubleshooter could identify and fix these problems. If the calculator is still missing, it is likely a different issue.

    4.Run the Apps Troubleshooter in Windows 10. The problem might not have anything to do with your user account and everything to do with the calculator app. Windows 10 includes multiple troubleshooting tools that are tucked away in the settings. Select Windows Store Apps at the bottom of the Troubleshoot window to check for and fix any problems with the calculator (or other apps). If no problems are found, continue troubleshooting.

    5.Check for app updates. Although most updates are installed automatically, there's a chance that a new update is available that could fix the Windows 10 calculator.

  4. Jan 3, 2022 · Select Download and Updates. Update Calculator or click Update all. **Reset the Calculator app. Press Start then search Apps and Features. Search and click Calculator app. Click advanced options > Reset. **Reinstall Calculator app via PowerShell. Press Windows key+X then select PowerShell (Admin) Copy and paste the command to uninstall ...

    • Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter. The Windows Calculator is a Microsoft Store app. So, you should begin by taking the built-in Windows Store Apps troubleshooter out for a spin.
    • Update Calculator App. Microsoft releases periodic updates in the form of bug fixes and performance enhancements for the Windows Calculator. If you’ve disabled automatic updates in the Microsoft Store it could lead to the Windows 10 calculator not working.
    • Restart Computer. Rebooting Windows 10 flushes out obsolete or redundant data and resolves system-related conflicts that stop apps from running normally.
    • Reset Calculator. Windows 10 allows you to reset the Calculator by removing cached files and reverting the app to its defaults. In most cases, that should fix crashes, freezes, or other issues for good.
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  6. Oct 25, 2022 · Download Article. 1. Press and hold the Alt key. This method will reset your BlackBerry without having to remove the battery. You cannot perform this method if your BlackBerry does not have a keyboard. 2. Press and hold the Right Shift key. Continue to hold the Alt key while you hold the Shift key. 3.

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