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  1. Scroll to and touch Backup & reset. Scroll to and touch Factory data reset. Read the warning. Touch RESET PHONE. If prompted, enter your device lock code (PIN, password, pattern, etc.) and touch Enter. Touch ERASE EVERYTHING. The phone will reset and reboot.

  2. Apr 25, 2017 · On the computer, click on Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Type cd /Applications/BlackBerry\ Desktop\ and press Enter. Type ./bbdm resettofactory and press Enter. Note: If the smartphone has a password enabled, that password must be specified within the command line.

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  4. >You can use the Reset to Factory Defaults on Wipe IT policy rule to require that a BlackBerry device reset to the factory default settings when the BlackBerry device receives the Delete all device data and disable device IT administration command over the wireless network.

  5. Sep 21, 2023 · 1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android phone. 2. Scroll down until you find the “System” or “General Management” option and tap on it. 3. Look for an option called “Reset” or “Reset options” and tap on it. 4. Tap on “Factory data reset.” 5. Confirm that you want to erase all data by tapping on “Reset phone” or “Erase everything.” 6.

  6. Sep 20, 2023 · How to Reset Android phone // Reset All Factory Datahow to reset android phone,how to reset android phone forgotten password,how to reset android phone when ...

  7. Sep 21, 2023 · Swipe up and right from the bottom bezel, or tap on the BlackBerry logo at the bottom center. Navigate to “Settings,” characterized by a gear icon, and tap to open. Via the Drop-down Menu Another method for BlackBerry 10 users: Swipe down from the top bezel to bring down a quick menu. Locate and tap on the “Settings” option.

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