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  1. The second option is to reset your password from a computer. Visit the BlackBerry ID reset page linked in the Resources section, click "Reset your password" and follow the on-screen instructions. In both cases, an email will be sent either to the email account associated with your BlackBerry ID or the device itself.

  2. Reset Your Password If you have forgotten your password, please enter your email address below.

  3. Jun 8, 2022 · Hoping someone can help me. I have a Blackberry Classic Q20 - and originally, I'd set it up with my BB ID and it has protection enabled. Could not remember my device password as I hadn't used it in ages, so - deliberately put wrong password ten times and it factory reset - or so I thought. When I went to set it up again, of course, it hangs at wi-fi. I went through the article on this site to ...

  4. How do I reset my device password if I forget it? For security reasons, the only way that you can reset your BlackBerry device password without knowing your current devicepassword is to delete all of your device data.

    • Overview
    • Hard Reset
    • Soft Reset
    • Factory Reset

    If your BlackBerry isn't working, perform a hard, soft, or factory reset using these simple steps

    Smartphones are great, at least when they work. When they don’t, they’re nothing more than expensive paperweights. If your BlackBerry is frozen or unresponsive, a quick reset may be just the ticket to get it up and running again. Follow this guide to restore your BlackBerry to its former glory.

    To perform a hard reset, remove the battery for a few seconds and then reinsert.

    For a soft reset, press and hold the Alt, Right-Shift, and Backspace/Delete keys.

    Open the battery cover on the back of the BlackBerry.

    Remove the battery from the phone.

    You can perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry Z10 by pressing and holding the Power button on the top of the phone for about 10 seconds.

    Reinsert the battery after a few seconds.

    To be on the safe side, wait for up to 30 seconds and then reinsert the battery into the back of the phone.

    The BlackBerry should reboot and function normally. You may have to power the BlackBerry back on with the Power button.

    Press and hold the Alt key.

    This method will reset your BlackBerry without having to remove the battery. You cannot perform this method if your BlackBerry does not have a keyboard.

    Press and hold the Right Shift key.

    Continue to hold the Alt key while you hold the Shift key.

    Press and hold the Backspace/Delete key.

    Make sure you are continuing to hold the Alt and Shift keys while you hold the Backspace/Delete key.

    Open the Options on your home screen.

    Performing a factory reset, or security wipe, will remove all of your personal information and reset the phone to the state it was in when it came out of the box.

    In the Security Settings menu, select Security Wipe.

    Choose what you want erased.

    Check the boxes for each of the items that you want wiped from the phone. If you want to completely erase your information, ensure that all of the boxes are checked.

    To perform the wipe, you will need to enter the code. Type “blackberry” into the box and then select Wipe.

  5. Sep 22, 2020 · This video shows how to reset your Password on your BlackBerry Phone.All Data Will Be Deleted!If this video helped you out please leave a thumbs up :)THANKS ...

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  7. Enter your new password, press "Menu" and select "Save." Your BlackBerry Curve holds important business documents and personal messages, so it makes sense to protect the phone with a strong ...

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