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Jollof rice, also called 'Benachin' meaning one pot in the Wolof language, is a popular dish in many parts of West Africa. It is thought to have originated amongst ...

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Jollof rice is found throughout West Africa and is thought to be the origin of the Cajun dish, jambalaya. Serve with fried plantains and a crisp green...


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Call this whatever you want, but don't call it jollof rice, this bears NO resemblance to what is traditionally cooked in Ghananian household's, or west Africa.

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Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Jollof Rice recipe from Sara's Secrets.

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Popular and spicy West African chicken and rice dish - this is a one pot meal with chicken, rice, fresh green beans, onions, and carrots all stewed ...

Nigerian Jollof Rice: How to cook Nigerian Party Jollof Rice ...

Nigerian Jollof Rice is a favorite Nigerian Rice recipe both for family dinners and at parties. You too can prepare this popular rice recipe.

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Jollof rice probably originated from rice dishes eaten by the Wolof people of Senegal and Gambia, but its popularity has spread to most of West Africa, especially ...

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Jollof Rice. West Africa. West African cuisine. Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Togo, Mali, Sierra Leone, Benin, Senegal, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast. The Global Gourmet ...

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West African Jollof Rice is superb! My parents are nigerian. I grew up eating this rice and every eaten at every party where the host is west african.

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There are many variations of Jollof Rice. The most common basic ingredients are: rice, chicken, tomatoes and tomato paste, onion, salt and pepper. Beyond that, nearly ...